Your Practice’s
'Business and Client Management’
KPIs and Data with Drill Down.
Fully automated and up-to-date
as at Midnight Previous Day
Now at Your Fingertips 24/7
To Improve Cash and Profit…

Dashboards, Reports
with views more appropriate
to your audience.

Complete Budgeting, Forecasting,
Advanced Reporting
in one Package.

Collect Cash on time.
Release Working Capital
through earlier collection
of overdue invoices.

Track and measure income,
expenses and profitability
related to Jobs.

Identify the performers and laggards
take corrective action
to improve profitability.

True Business Intelligence (BI) tool set
Data Cubes, drag and drop data views,
Pivoting, free format reports,
and more...

Simple steps in setting up
Consolidation of Companies
Consolidated Reporting.

Save time by automating
repetitive processes,
have more time to spend on things
that matter most.

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